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If you've violated probation, beyond your control or otherwise, the last thing you want is to end up going to jail or prison for failing to comply with the terms. If you wish to expunge or seal your criminal record from access by just anyone, help from a lawyer who understands the complex web of California statues relating to specific crimes is a must.

California laws regarding sentencing and post-sentencing concerns are extremely complex. As an experienced criminal defense attorney at the Law Offices of Marcus A. Torigian in Fresno County, California, I have the background and experience required to protect your rights.

Contact me for assistance avoiding further legal trouble if you've violated probation or want to seal records involving certain crimes.

When You Have Violated Probation

Rather than sending someone to jail, courts may sentence them to probation subject to certain rules and restrictions. Failure to complete specific terms can result in a violation and arrest at the discretion of law enforcement or the court.

As an experienced criminal defense lawyer, I understand that many violations can be reasonably explained. By serving as your voice in court, my firm can help you fight back against allegations of violating probation, including:

  • Committing a new crime
  • Possession of illegal drugs or weapons
  • Failure to complete court-ordered drug rehabilitation or counseling
  • Violating a restraining order
  • Failing to pay court-ordered fines or compensation
  • Failing to report to a probation officer
  • Failing to enroll in or complete community service

Whether you are accused of associating with known criminals or you fail to appear in court as scheduled, convictions for can include punishments mean a return to jail or prison, fines or extended probation periods.

Expunging or Sealing a Criminal Record

While expungement of all legal records regarding an arrest, filed charges, trial details, or a conviction for certain crimes can be removed from public scrutiny, a thorough discussion of the complex legal process is beyond the scope of this site.

As a former prosecutor and seasoned criminal defense lawyer, I have helped many clients look forward to returning to communities throughout Central Valley counties by competently addressing expungements, probation trouble and other post-judgment concerns

Fight for Your Freedom and Your Reputation

Mandatory drug testing or home confinement for a violated probation requirement, and addressing your criminal record causing you difficulty getting a job can be resolved under certain circumstance. Contact me, Marcus A. Torigian, Attorney at Law, to discuss your situation.

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